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case study jeremy young

It has made life a lot more pleasant for our customers as they’re being able to get instant confirmation as to whether the containers can be re-used.

Jeremy Young

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case study kelli prentice

For somebody that’s not technically knowledgeable, I find it very user friendly.

Kelli Prentice

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case study shaun johnson

It’s allowed us to look at opportunities to use our fleet better and smarter.

Shaun Johnson

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case study nathan craner

Being able to avoid the rising costs at the empty container depots is a ‘tick’.

Nathan Craner

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case study simon peeke

I recall when you first came in, my business partner and I quickly saw the merits of it. We were a little annoyed that we hadn’t thought of the idea ourselves.

Simon Peeke

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case study brett plummer

The thing that MatchBox gave us was a real automated process & a scientific way to look at Re-Use and Exchanging empty containers.

Brett Plummer

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MatchBox Exchange frees up limited resources by allowing us to re-use containers that were previously not allowed to be re-used. This facilitates the business’s resource allocation towards expansion. Operations wise, double jobs are eliminated in the sense that we do not have to return containers that can now be re-used. In the same sense, we also have lesser collection due to the re-use now allowed. The team at MatchBox is great, they assist with problem solving efficiently. They are helpful and easy to communicate with. That helps to smooth out any bumps and problems faced especially in the earlier stages. Matchbox has definitely helped ease the burden of our daily operations, and we will definitely recommend it to others.

Wei Lun

Operations - Hup Soon Cheong

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testimonial brett plummer

The MatchBox initiative is another disruptive technological advance in the shipping logistics chain that uses information technology to reduce real world transportation costs. I believe MatchBox has the potential to be a very useful addition to the Sea Freight Logistics chain.

Brett Plummer

Managing Director

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testimonial jack norton

MatchBox is a program that has saved our company a lot of time and money. Along with this, the program’s clean interface makes it incredibly easy to use and allows us to exchange boxes without having to contact the shipping line.

Jack Norton


case studies tns logistics logo

Great efficiency, time and money saver for the everyday container transporter in a competitive market. Can’t do without it now!

Jeffrey Johnston

General Manager

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testimonial brett plummer

The benefits are there for us and the industry, getting those extra truck movements out in the wharf area. Making sure that we are doing less of everything. It has been a huge value to the business.

Shaun Johnson

General Manager

buccini transport logo

MatchBox Exchange is a very useful platform for the haulage industry. It saves time and saves costs by avoiding unnecessary trips to the depots. This allows my trucks to be more productive. The platform is simple to use and requires minimal training to get started. Best of all, it is on a pay-per-use basis, we only pay for what we booked for. Which makes sense for both small and large companies. Looking forward to seeing more carriers on the platform.

Kenny Chua