How MatchBox Exchange has enabled SEQH to reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency

Southeast Queensland Hauliers (SEQH) is a trusted Queensland-based transport company that has been in operation since the 1960s. SEQH has a history of innovating and providing a wide range of services to their customers throughout QLD. They currently move over 60,000 TEU every year.

SEQH has been booking on the MB platform since 2017


  • They were the first MatchBox Depot partner


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What challenges were you facing before you engaged with MatchBox Exchange?

For SEQH, the key challenge was fleet utilisation and the costs associated with fleet inefficiency. "There are always going to be rising costs - depot fees being one. So being able to avoid that is a big tick," says Business Development Manager Nathan Craner. "Another one is not having trucks in waiting lines. Not having a truck in a queue to either dehire or pick up an empty import container means one extra truck we could have on a customer's doorstep."

Managing Director Brett Plummer adds, "MatchBox gave us an automated process and a scientific way to look at Re-Use and Exchange of empty containers without having to go to container parks. The great innovation of MatchBox is that it allows us to collaborate with other players in the market and avoid the need to line up at container parks."

How does the platform help you meet business goals?

"Our books largely split between imports and exports. So, we're always looking for export empties to fuel our export business," says Brett. Re-Using their own containers or sourcing them from other nearby providers with instant approval enables SEQH to balance their imports/exports and deliver timely outcomes for their customers.

"The beauty of MatchBox is it allows us to put resources into the game when we need them by virtue of an entry in the system."

How has the MatchBox Exchange platform benefited your business?

For SEQH, the big benefit has been cost savings. "It's a cost saving to a business. There's no question," says Brett. But that isn't the only advantage.

"In our best months, we've been doing 300-400 Exchanges. When you do the math, it's a lot of cost savings, but it's also a lot more capacity in our fleet and a lot more capacity to get stuff done for our customers in a timely fashion. It's put trucks in our fleet. I reckon it's worth two trucks to us.”

Which businesses do you think can benefit from the MB platform?

"I believe all carriers can benefit from MatchBox Exchange for the simple reason that one less truck in an empty container depot means one extra truck at a customer's doorstep," says Nathan.

Not only that, but the collaborative nature of MatchBox Exchange also means everyone benefits at once - and the more who sign up, the bigger the advantages. "MatchBox is very innovative. It's challenging the way that you handle your empty containers," says Nathan. "It's challenging employees to also think outside the box and to network with other carriers. It's taking those barriers down."

What has the support from MatchBox Exchange been like?

"I've got nothing but good things to say about the support from MatchBox," says Brett. Whether via phone, email or video call, SEQH can always get a response and rely on the human interaction needed to quickly fix any issues - which are few and far between.

"The key thing our team has shared is that it's easy to navigate. They've found it easy to adopt," adds Nathan. "If we've got queries, they're answered and explained in an easy format as well. The platform has been created so that it is easy to adopt and pick up."

Would you recommend MatchBox Exchange to other transport operators?

Brett and Nathan agree without hesitation. "Yes, most certainly. It breaks down walls between who would typically be competitors and allows us to work together strategically to minimise costs and increase the efficiency of our fleet utilisation."

"We've always wanted to see the platform grow, and we look forward to seeing it expand globally. I think it's of huge value."

What could MatchBox Exchange do for your business?

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