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Re-Use your import containers for your next export booking

Eliminate the need to transit through depots - and enjoy the cost and time savings.

Easily triangulate containers and gain 24/7 Instant Approval on your Container Re-Use request on MatchBox Exchange.

Why businesses choose to Re-Use

Reduced costs

Minimise the cost of truck trips and depot booking fees by avoiding depots


Pick up more trucking jobs, better utilise your fleet, and reduce paperwork

Instant approval

Reduce administrative work with instant 24/7 Re-Use approval through the MB digital platform

Greater visibility
& control

Control your entire triangulation programme in one central location

33% growth in container Re-Use bookings over the past year

The transport sector have noticed the benefits of container triangulation and MatchBox Exchange has seen more customers adopting the solution into their operation.

What customers have to say

“I recall when you first came in, my business partner and I quickly saw the merits of it. We were a little annoyed that we hadn’t thought of the idea ourselves.”

Simon Peeke

“It’s allowed us to look at opportunities to use our fleet better and smarter.”

Shaun Johnson

“With MatchBox, instead of having a truck in a queue to dehire a container, that is one extra truck we can have at the door step of one of our customers.”

Nathan Craner

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use MatchBox Exchange?

There are no subscription fees or sign up fees. Users pay per transaction. Please feel free to get in touch with for more details.

How does Instant Approval work?

The data integration that MatchBox Exchange has established with shipping lines allows MatchBox Exchange to identify containers that fit within the validation rules set for containers that can be triangulated (Re-Used or Exchanged).

Once a user requests a Re-Use or Exchange, the MatchBox Exchange system identifies whether the request is permissible against these rules and provides an instant response to the user. On approval of a request, MatchBox Exchange sends an EDI update to the shipping line to terminate the contract of the import container and transfer the hire of the container onto the nominated export booking. The EDI update occurs on approval of the Re-Use/Exchange through the system.

Who’s liable for a damaged, insufficient or a non-seaworthy container?

In the case of a Re-Use the responsibility lies with the party making the request.

In the case of an Exchange both parties are responsible for the inspection of the container. Before offer is
made, offeror (party with import empty) needs to inspect the container. The party sourcing the container
must also inspect the container on receipt to confirm they are happy with the condition of the container.

When does detention clock stop on an import booking?

In the case of a Re-Use, the detention clock stops as soon as the container is approved on MatchBox Exchange’s platform for export booking.


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