For shippers & freight forwarders

Optimise landside logistics
and streamline container
transport operations
across your network

The MatchBox Exchange digital platform enables freight forwarders and
shippers and their key vendors to capture transport savings amongst
the available empty containers within their control via Re-Use and
Exchange. The platform delivers transport savings that can be shared to
achieve the lowest cost base possible.

Key benefits

Reduce transport

Enjoy transport savings
by not having to return or
collect empty containers
from depots

Improve effectiveness
of your vendor network

Reduce costs associated with depot
delays & collaborate with your
neighbouring vendors and shippers
or forwarders to capture savings
through Exchanges

Improve unpacking/
packing program at
your distribution

Instant approvals to Re-Use
containers means your
warehouse teams can continue to
repack containers without down
time, increasing frequency and
productivity for container packing

Maximise the triangulation
of empty containers within
your network

Shippers can improve execution with a
digitally integrated solution that provides
optimisation of container matching
possibilities - once identified the platform
executes Re-Use or Exchange bookings

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