How MatchBox Exchange helped Buccini Transport optimise their assets and grow their business

Buccini Transport are a family owned transport company that have been servicing South-East QLD since 1993. They deliver a range of high-quality FCL services to their clients.


Buccini Transport has been using the MatchBox Exchange platform since 2017.


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What has your experience been using the MatchBox Exchange platform so far?

Shaun Johnson, General Manager, says the value MatchBox Exchange has added to the business is undeniable - especially once the wider team started to realise the benefits. "The more our team have used it, the more they've realised the benefits are there for us and the industry," he says. "Getting those extra truck movements out of the wharf area and making sure we're doing as few movements as possible has been a huge value to the business."

How has MatchBox Exchange helped facilitate collaboration?

Shaun knows collaboration and Exchanges would never have happened without MatchBox Exchange. "To get two trucking companies at the same table to talk about how we can help each other never really happened until we had the platform." Now, they have a central neutral platform to help them get on the same page. "The MatchBox Exchange platform allows us to not only talk the same language but triangulate need and want together. I think it has been a huge benefit to us and the industry as a whole."

How has the MatchBox Exchange platform helped Buccini Transport to grow?

"The platform has allowed us to look at opportunities to use our fleet better and smarter, which often obviously ends in growth," says Shaun. MatchBox Exchange has enabled them to be more efficient and purposeful with their resources and assets - and growth has followed. "Fewer movements back and forward where we don't need to obviously allows us to focus assets in different areas."

Have you made any changes to the business since adopting the MB platform?

The MatchBox Exchange platform has changed how Buccini looks at problems and has forced them to reshape how they think about solutions. "It's taught the team to think differently about empty containers," says Shaun. "When we've got an empty, we might also have an export at the same time. Or there might be another transport company in our area that wants an empty container. So now, not every time they see an empty means empty park."

What has the support from MatchBox Exchange been like?

"Brilliant. We normally have a response within a couple of hours. I don't get that from my IT company, so it's quite good."

What could MatchBox Exchange do for your business?

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