Driving efficiency and sustainability: Coastline Transport’s success with MatchBox Exchange

Coastline Transport operates an off-port container storage park and a dedicated container transport fleet, offering efficient and cost-saving solutions for customers in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

They have been utilising our platform since 2022, and their usage has steadily increased since then. Initially, they started out with a high import volume, which led them to offload containers through Exchange to exporters. As they took on more export work, they have also started Re-Using their own import containers, while also requesting containers from the wider network for their exports.

Coastline would have saved 250+ truck trips resulting in cost savings and efficiency across the board.


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What are the main benefits of using MatchBox Exchange (MB) for your business?

As a transport operator in Auckland, it is difficult to keep the trucks running efficiently when they’re constantly being held up in traffic and container yards. Being able to bypass these by ‘Exchanging’ or ‘Re-Using’ containers definitely helps us run more efficiently.

What is the main challenge that MB is helping your business solve?

The ebb and flow of the import vs export market in Auckland / New Zealand (NZ) is a huge problem we face regularly. There are times when NZ has too many import containers and not enough exports, and vice versa. The ability to manipulate this within the MatchBox system definitely gives us an advantage over being on a waitlist to receive more containers that are understocked in NZ.

What prompted you to use the ‘Exchange’ feature? And what are some of the benefits you see around Exchanging or offloading containers?

We started using the MatchBox platform as there were some rumblings in the industry about how effective it was. It wasn’t until we started using it regularly that we saw the benefits multiply. Through Exchanges, we have built some great relationships with other carriers and exporters in the region.

Have you seen growth in productivity in your business using MB’s ‘Exchange’ feature?

100%, there has been an increase in productivity and growth. The majority of export & import customers in Auckland are based in the same areas (South and East Auckland) so moving empties to Onehunga is very unproductive. When we Exchange containers, not only do we run more efficiently but we also offer a better service to our clients, being able to remove or place an empty container without having to obtain a booking at the container park.

Do you see benefits in collaborating with other parties via our platform? What are they?

There are endless opportunities to increase productivity, especially within the Auckland container transport realms. If a skeleton truck is waiting for a side-loader for instance, post it up on the Exchange and another company nearby can help out for a small fee – decreasing waiting times all around.

Is the process of offering containers an easy one on the MB platform?

If you think clicking 3 buttons on your computer is easy, then yes, it is that easy!

Do you think businesses of all sizes can benefit from MB?

Definitely. Whether you Exchange 1 container per month or 100, the benefits are there.

Besides the financial benefits, are there any advantages of using our platform?

I think a bigger benefit than the financial side is knowing that we are reducing carbon emissions and helping take small steps to make our industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Trucks make up 4% of NZ’s greenhouse gas emissions as 99% of our industry is reliant on fossil fuels. If we as an industry can collaborate to run more efficiently, then everyone wins.

What could MatchBox Exchange do for your business?

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