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Exchange containers with nearby businesses

MatchBox Exchange’s innovative digital platform connects those who need empty containers with those who have them

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(Party that needs the container)


If you need an empty container for export purposes, you can raise a Container Exchange request letting other nearby users know what type of container you’re in need of. They can then offer you their empty container - all in one simple platform.

(Party that has the container)


Alternatively, if you want to offer an unneeded container, you can create a notification advising other businesses that you have empty containers available for Exchange.

Container Exchanges benefit everyone


Don’t be tied to depots - access alternative options that suit your business

turnaround times

Get access to the containers you need (or remove the container you don’t) more efficiently

transport costs

Minimise trips to and from depots, as well as the associated costs and fees


Better utilise your fleet and increase productivity though collaboration

47% of our customers are adopting Exchanges

A feature only available on the MatchBox Exchange platform, more and more users are embracing collaboration and realising the cost and time benefits of Exchanges.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use MatchBox Exchange?

There are no subscription fees or sign up fees. Users pay per transaction. Please feel free
to get in touch with for more details.

When does detention clock stop on an import booking and when does free-time begin on an export booking?

In the case of an Exchange, the detention clock stops as soon as the container is accepted by the exporter or the party responsible for export

And free time starts as soon as the offer is accepted by the requesting party.

If container(s) are dropped off in a bad condition, who is liable?

Party sourcing the container has 24 hours to reject the container on the grounds of damage or cleanliness. If rejected, the offeror has to come back and pick-up the container and return it to the depot at their cost. Please note in most cases containers are inspected on receipt. For a smooth experience with MB, we highly encourage customers to book containers that are in a sea-worthy condition.

Who’s liable for a damaged, insufficient or a non-seaworthy container?

The user who has the container in their possession and is willing to exchange the container will need to inspect the container to identify if it is fit for purpose before exchanging it with a trade partner. At the time of the exchange, the trade partner will also need to inspect the container to ensure it is fit for purpose before accepting to take the container. For a smooth experience with MB, we highly encourage customers to process containers for booking that are in a sea-worthy condition

What happens if an exchange gets cancelled?

If the Exchange is approved and either party wants to cancel then they both need to mark the booking verify
complete and then either party will be able cancel it.

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