How MatchBox Exchange has been valuable for The Toll Group

The Toll Group is an Australian-based subsidiary of Japan Post Holdings with operations in transportation, warehousing and logistics in road, rail, sea and air. It has two divisions; Global Forwarding and Global Logistics.

The Toll Group in Australia began using MatchBox Exchange’s platform in 2018.

  • Following its success in Australia, The Toll Group use MB in Thailand and Vietnam
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Has there been a benefit to using the MatchBox Exchange platform?

“Staying out of container parks and not having upset drivers”. Kelli said “There's a major benefit to using MatchBox Exchange. Obviously, the cost is one, keeping out of those container parks, which we can stay in for up to 1 - 2 hours some days. So the cost benefits is major to our company”. She explained further “If you think about the transaction fee between us and MatchBox compared to the transaction fee between us and the container park for one, there's cost savings right there”.

Kelli further expressed that it also comes down to keeping those drivers out of container parks, which is a saving method regarding their wages as well. She said, “When you're going on to customers properties and dropping off MatchBox containers, they're in and out within approximately half an hour. Where, as I said we can spend up to 1.5 - 2 hours in a container park, which then when you look at the amount you're spending on a driver's hourly wage, the cost saving is incredible”.

How has your experience been using the platform and incorporating it in your day-to-day operations, especially with Exchanges?

Kelli mentioned “For somebody that's not very technically knowledgeable, I find it very user friendly because I am not technically minded at all .So I find it very user friendly. It's such a simple application to use. It's fantastic!. I really, really enjoy it. It's nice and simple for me”.

On the topic of incorporating Exchanges, she said “We transitioned very well into it, so I didn't find any glitches”. Further elaborating she explained “I suppose, we use it quite differently. We have a particular customer that we tranship from Brisbane down to Fremantle where we're using probably between 20 to 40 containers per week now. Other customers around Brisbane, they're calling me up on a Wednesday – asking you're going to put your release on? We've got all these ANL boxes.” She said, “We've been able to create those relationships with the other customers that use Matchbox in regards to just communicating amongst us, knowing what their requirements are and what my requirements are”

Has it been good for the business to collaborate with other companies?

“Yes, that's correct. It's taken a little bit of time, but we're getting better and better at it every week, we're learning who works for what other company what’s going on”. Kelli further expressed with excitement that she put up 30 containers in the morning and phone calls going to ask, if she’s got the release yet! Stating in short “I enjoy using the platform”.

Are there any final comments that you’d like to make?

“I think it's a great product that's been put out there for us, and let's just see how much more you guys can offer us in the future”

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