What makes customers stay loyal to a brand?

June 21, 2022
Customer Loyalty
Reuse and Exchange

Customers are the foundation of any business. A company’s ability to attract and retain customers is crucial to its success.

In this blogpost, we’ll explore the reasons behind loyalty to a company or a brand. We’ll also shed some light on why customers keep coming back to MatchBox Exchange (MB).

So, why do customers stay?

In one word: value. Customers want to feel like they’re getting something worth their money, whether it’s a product, a service, or good customer experience. They’ll stick with businesses that provide them with what they need. To stand out from the competition, they need to offer something of value or a unique selling proposition that their customers can’t find anywhere else.

Customers are also more likely to continue doing business with a company where their needs are well looked after. Good customer service plays a big role in this.  By offering a high level of support and assistance, responsiveness to customers’ needs, and quick and efficient resolution of issues – businesses can create loyal relationships that last for years.

More often than not, customers also stay because of trust and familiarity. They will support a company that they know will provide quality products or services and will appreciate those that offer a consistent experience.

Customers at MB stay because

1. MB’s digital platform provides our customers with opportunities to save on costs and time by eliminating the need to transit through empty container parks.

2. Along with offering the ability to reuse empty containers, MB also allows its customers to book exchanges through our platform. As articulated by Hamish Grant, Country Manager in Australia

Exchanges allow transport companies to more efficiently navigate the traditional challenges that surround the dehiring and uplifting of containers. Instead of going to empty depots, transport companies with complementary requirements exchange containers to fulfil each other’s dehire and upliftment requirements. This allows both parties to create operational efficiencies that cuts costs in several areas.

Our customers across APAC have made the most of this unique capability that is only offered at MB!

See how it works in the diagram below:


3. MB’s global customer support team and country managers understand that customers will have needs that are unique to them. Our team’s mission is to pay attention to those needs and prioritize our customer’s satisfaction at the top. Aizat Taha, General Manager of Southeast Asia outlines one such instance



MB understands that our users face operational limitations on a few things, one of those items is Shipping Line Seals. There was a need for seals to be immediately available for our users to conduct a reuse or exchange, thus we implemented a feature that helps to streamline the process of requesting for Bulk Seals directly from Shipping Lines. This feature helps to simplify the request while being accountable for the seals.

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