Why is supply chain sustainability important?

November 17, 2021
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The importance of sustainability in the supply chain moves beyond going green. A supply chain built on a sustainable platform creates more partnership opportunities because environmental responsibility is crucial for any industry today. Practising eco-awareness in every aspect of the business not only improves its reputation but further legitimises the organisation. At MatchBox Exchange, we recognise the value of sustainability and work towards building a better future for transport companies across the globe.

Here’s how MatchBox Exchange makes the supply chain more sustainable

MatchBox Exchange (MB) is a prime example of sustainability at work. It is the world’s first ‘open-market’ platform for the reuse and exchange of shipping containers between landside logistics companies. The platform works by matching parties with empty containers to those who need them.

In a few simple steps, MatchBox Exchange solves the existing problem in the supply chain. For a long time, containerised trucks needed to drive through container parks. Empty Container Parks cost the industry both time and money for handling and storing empty containers. But with its 24×7 Instant Approval feature, MatchBox Exchange allows truckers to bypass the depot altogether and reuse or exchange their container anytime, anywhere.

Now, transport companies can:

(a.) Reduce excess carbon emissions that they would have wasted on unnecessary trips to and from Empty Container Parks.

(b.) Cut down on fuel consumption and lower their carbon footprint.

(c.) Reach more customers in the same amount of time as shorter and fewer trips are possible with the MatchBox Exchange benefit.

In addition, MatchBox Exchange eliminates depot charges and reduces travel costs. It also helps drivers avoid late fees and unreliable services.

These days, sustainability is more important than ever before. Transport operators, freight forwarders and shippers can positively impact the supply chain by adopting more sustainable practices like MatchBox Exchange.

Using MatchBox Exchange is simple

There are no subscription charges, joining or monthly fees. The digital solution is available as a pay-per-use platform where recognised users are charged for each transaction.

What’s more, customers can also use our Loyalty Referral Program and receive five free bookings when they refer other parties to book reuses or exchanges on our platform.