What’s More Important: a Quality Product or an Excellent Team? Can one do without the other?

November 17, 2021
Empty Containers
Logistics Solutions
Transport Companies

While some might choose one over the other, both the product and team are equally important to achieve the best results. They work hand-in-hand because adopting any new product always requires a different approach. At MatchBox Exchange (MB), we are driven by a similar sense of innovation and encourage independent thinking to radically change conventional ways of empty container management.

Led by experts in the fields of transportation and technology, the team can identify gaps in the container supply chain and find lasting solutions to complex challenges. The MatchBox Exchange mindset is well reflected in the digital platform itself through its simple to use user interface which makes the reuse and exchange of empty containers possible in just a few clicks. Available 24×7, its instant approval feature gives transport companies the ability to make quick decisions. Truckers and their customers benefit from reuse and exchange opportunities by saving time and increasing fleet utilisation.

The platform also brings different parties together, helping transport companies work collaboratively through a central neutral open market platform that offers all members of the MatchBox Exchange network opportunities to exchange containers in a very safe and efficient way. It’s the engine that empowers collaboration between competitors in a way that creates a win-win for all parties.

Combining a quality product with a great team that is driven to educate customers to adopt not only a new product but also a new mindset in what creates the most value for customers. The MatchBox Exchange mindset encourages customers to think differently. For the many companies who have, they can’t imagine going back to the earlier system of returning and collecting empty containers via empty container parks.