Transport Companies

Matchbox Exchange reduces transport costs by removing the need to return or collect empty containers from depots

The digital platform also delivers a network of transport operators that matches the supply and demand of empty containers for import and export needs.

Kelli Prentice

Value Proposition

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Reduce transport costs

  • Enjoy transport savings by not having to return or collect empty containers from depots
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Instant approval at your fingertips

  • Reduce administration
  • Get an answer 24/7
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Increase your savings further through exchanges

  • Collaborate with other MB users and exchange your empty containers, offering more efficient truck turn around times
  • More options to suit your operations offering more flexibility versus depot constraints
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Improve your business productivity

  • Avoid the depot by freeing your trucks up for more deliveries
  • Avoid queues and send your truck directly from importer to exporter
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Greater control and visibility

  • Control your entire triangulation programme in one central location
  • Never lose track of reuse or exchange requests
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Improved efficiencies

  • Avoid bottlenecks and traffic congestion, especially during peak periods
  • Remove unnecessary and costly truck trips.
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Do one or a thousand transactions

  • A truly scalable digital solution to re-use or exchange your empty containers
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Less stress and frustration by avoiding depot bottlenecks

  • Leverage the platform to avoid idle time at depots
  • Removes pressure especially during peak season
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Better for the environment

  • Successfully reduces carbon emissions

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