The Power of Partnership: Why the world’s leading shipping lines partner with only the best

November 17, 2021
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A lasting partnership begins with trust. Open communication and accessibility are equally important. But to be mutually beneficial means working together to achieve shared success. An example of one such partnership is between MatchBox Exchange and the world’s top shipping lines.

MatchBox Exchange (MB) is the world’s first open market digital platform that allows transport operators, freight forwarders and shippers to reuse and exchange empty containers. A proven cloud-based SaaS platform, MatchBox Exchange delivers an end-to-end solution focusing on all aspects of customer adoption, training and support.

Even its operating model is simple and effective. The team works with shipping lines on data sharing and EDI integration which it already has in place with other lines in multiple markets and languages.

So why do shipping lines partner with MatchBox Exchange?

(1.) MatchBox Exchange helps their shipping line partners and their customers to save on costs by removing the need for empty containers to transit through depots.

(2.) Its digital solution offers 24/7 Instant Approval that saves time and improves the customer experience.

(3.) Customers are more productive, enabling more triangulations and increased savings.

(4.) MatchBox Exchange provides its partners with a true end-to-end solution covering all aspects of marketing, sales, training, onboarding, and customer support. A comprehensive service that ensures partners and customers maximise their reuse and exchange opportunities.

(5.) We remove wasteful truck trips from the network. This aligns with our partners’ ambitions to reduce carbon emissions through sustainable and improved business practices.

A problem-solving tool for the world’s leading shipping lines

Now supported by over 16 of the world’s leading shipping line brands, MatchBox Exchange offers the container logistics industry a digital innovation that helps reduce wasteful logistics activities, maximise container utilisation and serves as a platform that allows transport companies to work together.

Along with its shipping line partners, MatchBox Exchange is able to change conventional ways of thinking. By operating across markets and working with over a thousand customers – MatchBox Exchange has become the leading platform for container triangulations. The team also encourages the industry to adopt a new mindset and operating model that delivers a better-faster-smarter transport network.