Sideloaders – helping you increase your productivity  

February 22, 2022

MatchBox Exchange now operates across many markets in APAC and it’s interesting to see how container transporters operate differently across these markets.

All face the task of having to collect/deliver both full and empty containers to/from port terminals and empty container depots. What we see is various delivery models and equipment used by different markets.

In this article, we focus on the growing use of sideloaders (also referred to as swinglift trailers).

A sideloader is a chassis fitted with cranes that can lift containers on and off its chassis without the need for a container forklift.

In markets like Australia and New Zealand they are widely adopted, with growing use in markets like Malaysia.

So what’s so good about sideloaders?

a) They offer more delivery flexibility – containers can be delivered to customers before their planned unpacking/packing time (often after hours) so when unpacking/packing crews arrive, the container is on the ground ready for them.

b) There is no need for the sideloader to wait for the customer to unpack/pack their containers and can quickly move on with their next job resulting in increased productivity (more deliveries).

c) Containers can be unloaded or loaded onto the truck’s chassis within 15 minutes.

d) They can transfer containers from one chassis to another – many trucking companies use sideloaders as mobile cranes strategically placed in areas where a concentration of their customers are, and then ‘feed’ these sideloaders by running standard container trucks to these sideloaders who load and unload containers and deliver them to customers in the local area.

e) Most importantly, they can exchange their empty containers with other parties easily and quickly via the MB platform at any location without the need to find a site where container forklifts are present.