Loyalty Referral Program

The MatchBox Exchange Referral Loyalty Program is built around team work, it comes from listening to our customers needs and sharing the benefits of connecting a logistics community collaboratively.

TOGETHER AS ONE we focus on the results that matter most to us and our customers.

SUPPORT and RELATIONSHIP building empowered by TRUST are key elements to developing a logistics community where everyone benefits. Hover on the benefits below in addition to speaking to one of our friendly customer support team members to learn more about how our Referral Program can largely benefit you and your peers.

loyalty refer grid


Refer other parties to book a Re-Use or Exchange on the MatchBox Exchange platform and receive benefits
loyalty get credit grid

Get credit

Receive 5 free bookings for each referral who books. PLUS each referring party receives 5 free bookings
loyalty offset bill grid

Offset Bill

Reduce your costs even further by networking and referring multiple parties
loyalty additional benefits grid

Additional Benefits

Your referring party becomes your new trading partner for Exchanges, the more Exchanges, the more savings