Do current delivery models hamper your logistics business? Consider MatchBox Exchange

November 17, 2021
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As logistics supply chains lag behind in the face of global disruptions, digital technology will play an increasingly central role in developing the industry and overcoming these challenges. But will digitising current workflows be enough or is a radical shift necessary to achieve tangible results?

While most digital processes focus on improving the existing model of delivery, a few aim to fundamentally change the model altogether. One such idea is the MatchBox Exchange (MB) ‘open market’ platform that looks at the problem of returning and collecting empty shipping containers from a different perspective.

What’s the inspiration behind this radical change?

While heading one of Australia’s leading transport companies, Carl Marchese personally experienced the waste and cost that empty container parks add to international supply chains. Such container parks were unable to handle surging demands despite major improvements. In time, it became evident that modernising this outdated system was pointless and that reinvention was the only way forward. This thought inspired the vision for a better-faster-smarter approach.

How does MatchBox Exchange work? Can it provide lasting solutions to long-standing problems?

Scheduling a booking on MatchBox Exchange doesn’t require a subscription, joining fee or even monthly payments as registered users are only charged per transaction. Its 24×7 Instant Approval feature facilitates the reuse and exchange of empty containers on the land-side.

Instant Approval on the MB platform allows transport operators to save on cost and time, and bypass the container park altogether. This eliminates depot handling and helps avoid late fees, detention and storage charges. Now, shorter and fewer truck trips are possible which alleviates driver stress and fatigue. Combined with other advantages like reduced fuel consumption, the new model will help build a more resilient supply chain in the future.

We encourage transport operators to think differently and adopt a new operational mindset. One where re-use and exchange of containers must come before considering the return or collection of empty containers from empty container parks. In due course, this innovation is expected to remove the habit of viewing transit through depots as the only possible delivery framework to return or collect empty containers.

The team at MatchBox Exchange strives to remain at the forefront of radical change and is all set to develop further initiatives that support the transport industry bringing additional value and productivity to businesses on the land-side.