How to avoid the challenges and restrictions with Appointment Systems at depots, the solution is only a few clicks away!

November 17, 2021
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Picture this: As a trucker, you need to return an empty container to the depot by 10am, however the only available appointment time is 2pm. Your truck has to reach the neighbouring port terminal on time to pick up another import to make the next customer delivery and a 4-hour delay is an inconvenience. In pressing situations like these, you can either send an extra truck to collect the empty container or offload the container at your trucking yard. But is there a better option at your disposal? Simple reuse or exchange would be an effective way to avoid such a problem. 

It is possible on MatchBox Exchange (MB), the world’s first open-market platform that allows trucking companies to reuse their empty containers or exchange them with other parties on the land-side. A reliable and secure solution, MatchBox Exchange helps trucking companies avoid the appointment system altogether as it eliminates the need to transit through empty container parks. Now, drivers can follow a schedule and reach more customers by using MB’s 24×7 Instant Approval feature to set up bookings throughout the day. 

Adopting the MatchBox Exchange advantage saves costs and time, improves productivity and brings more value to transport companies across markets. Moreover, fleet utilisation and operational efficiency increase as queuing up at congested depots are no longer required. This benefit further minimises the number of trucking trips and reduces driver stress and fatigue. It is useful when depots run at capacity, and truckers have to find slots for their empty container at distant depots.

Now, long delays, hours of waiting, and unnecessary penalties on your empty containers are all easily preventable. For these reasons, we encourage members of the transport industry to consider the support of the MatchBox Exchange digital platform and collaborate with fellow trucking companies to work strategically in order to improve the container supply chain.